Are you ready? Bill Gates says that game-based learning is the future of education.

He has a dream. A dream of children sitting around and playing games on their computers or their iPads or their Whatevers.

They will be wearing galvanic skin response monitor bracelets, or they will have a little chip in their heads to measure their level of excitement, and they will be excited all the time.

Every classroom–if there are classrooms–will buzz with their excitement. Little and big squeals of sheer joy as they blast off and shoot the intruder or blow away somebody else’s avatar or compete to win the most points.

They will be so excited that they won’t want to go  home. They won’t want to read a book.

They will need half a gram of soma to calm down, to become calm enough to leave the classroom of the future where they have spent the entire day in play and gaming.

Just a question: Why does he get to do this to our children? Why doesn’t he use his own children as guinea pigs first?

Another question: Why do education leaders listen to him?