A reader in Indiana makes a prediction about the Common Core standards:

The common core standards will not fundamentally change teaching and learning in this country.  If improving instruction COULD ever be accomplished by handing out a new set of standards, wouldn’t we have already seen great improvements in teaching and learning?  Traditions in schooling are not changed that easily.  Another way to think about this–  We have some really difficult set of standards in Indiana.  Does it mean that our little Hoosiers are getting a superior education because our standard are more rigorous?  Nope.   Ask any Indiana teacher to list the concepts that nobody ever understands, no matter what she tries.  When those standards are tested, a small percent get it correct and the rest do not.   I WISH that the problems that are coming as a result of implementing the CC could be headed off by simply piloting the standards. That won’t work.  The real problem is how students will be assessed on CC standards and how those results will subsequently be used to judge teachers, schools, teacher prep programs, etc.   Don’t we already have a pretty good idea what is going to happen?  It is not going to be pretty.