This reader scrutinized the website of the Capital Roundtable. This is what he learned:

Although I am not a middle-market investor, I sure did learn a whole bunch over at the Capital Roundtable website. You see, I did not know this:

“Education is now the second largest market in the U.S., valued at $1.3 trillion.  So while an industry of this size will always be scrutinized by regulators, the most onerous recent changes are likely over, and investors should face an easier climate down the road.  And while eventual passage is not guaranteed, several pieces of legislation favoring the for-profit industry have been proposed in Congress.”

And I have been following Arne Duncan and the Race to the Top but it was nice to see the following in black and white.

“In the K-12 space, the federal “Race To The Top” initiative has enabled a growing level of privatization in the K-12 segment, and rewarding districts for embracing alternative models, technological advances, and locally-based criteria.”

So in this new “space” public education is a market not a public good. RTTT enabled privatization. OK, now I get it.