It’s not too late to register for a full-day conference where you can learn how to get rich investing in education. You can still register to find out how big equity investors are making profits in education and plan to make even more.

Of course, you must come up with $1,395 if you want to be there. Or you can shell out only $495 to get the audio.

You can rub shoulders or elbows or knees with middle-size names on Wall Street. Real live hedge fund managers, the guys who think that charter schools will save the schools from lazy tenured teachers who get paid just to have years of experience and degrees.

The location is secret, for obvious reasons. Wouldn’t want the rabble to walk around with signs protesting the privatization of education or complaining about vulture capitalists or other hurtful things.

But it will definitely happen in New York City on July 26. Somewhere.

And it is your opportunity to cash in on the big money stream attached to education. Billions of dollars now going to public entities, just waiting to be tapped by entrepreneurs with big ideas. The opportunities are endless.

May I say, speaking just personally, that this is the one thing in education that makes me maddest. I can’t remember a time in our history until recently when there were K-12 for-profit schools and for-profit “universities.”