As time goes by, as I learn more about cyber charters, I become more convinced that they are legal fraud.

The last time I wrote something critical about cyber charters, a day or so ago, it was because Pennsylvania approved four more, even though the ones it has get terrible ratings, terrible test scores, terrible everything.

Not surprisingly I received several comments from people who said they are parents of children in cyber charters, and they are very happy.


And then I saw this article on Twitter a few minutes ago. The FBI is investigating the head of one of the first cyber charters in Pennsylvania.

This guy is usually written up as a great success story, a nationally recognized leader in cyber schooling, an educator who realized that there was something better than a brick-and-mortar school.

Yeah, I guess there is, when your cyber charter is collecting $100 million in revenues every year.

The politicians authorizing these money machines should hang their heads in shame.