About 7 pm EST yesterday, my Internet service died a quick death.

When it went down, it took out my access to the Internet, the telephone, and the television.

That happened as I was trying to post the news about Camika Royal’s article on Huffington Post.

I had to use my cell phone to get it posted, my cell having 3G.

Where I am now (not in NYC), cell phone service is spotty, and I had a hard time getting through to the local cable company.

The upshot was that I was offline for 24 hours.

I got Internet access back about an hour ago, and am still waiting for a repair crew to restore the telephone.

Fortunately, I had scheduled the posts that ran today well in advance.

You don’t think I write a post every five minutes from 6 am to 7 am, do you?

I have already written posts for tomorrow, and I will add more as the day progresses.

The good news is that I was able to write a new chapter for my book during the day, as a result of not being online every minute.

There is no bad news, other than the fact that I had to interact with Cablevision’s automated telephone system several times, which is a certain way to raise my blood pressure and reduce me to futile shouts, screams, oaths and unmentionable curses.