A reader responds with his ideas about how to succeed in the classroom:

Tips for a new teacher:Above all else RESPECT your students, if you respect them for who they are they will respect you.

1. Be knowledgeable about your subject matter. If you don’t know something a student asks say “I don’t know, let’s figure it out”.

2. Listen and learn from your students, they are your best teachers.

3. Expect the unexpected.

4. Go with the flow of the moment in the class.

5. Resist administrative mandates that you know will harm your students.

6. Fly under the administrative radar if possible while speaking your mind for what is best for your class and students

6. Engage parents as needed.

7. Jump in with both feet and enjoy what you do in the class.

8. Seek out experienced teachers, listen to them,and ask them about anything, they will gladly help as they were in your shoes before.

9. Do not expect to “like” all your students but treat all equally and fairly.

10. Thank students for pointing out when you make an error/misstatement.