A teacher writes in response to the Match guide for teaching:

As a teacher of 23 years, I find this is absolutely an appalling disregard for the professionalism of the profession of education.  It is also a very scary notion for teacher preparation.  These authoritative, autocratic beliefs are not what makes for good teaching and classroom management.  Teaching in the manner described above will elicit fear in students, not learning.  When individuals (including kids) experience fear, the “flight or fight” mechanisms kick in.  With either case (flight or flight), the students have shut down and motivation is nowhere to be found.

Subscribing to the beliefs described above seems to be creating something that maybe the politicians are searching for–throwaway teachers–teach for a year or two and then toss them out with yesterday’s garbage.  And, then they can sit back and say, “Yep, we were right when we said the teachers are ineffective and we need to control their every move, etc, etc.