A reader writes:

I just finished watching Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP. I would say that more time was spent talking about education, and he used charter schools as the solution to the problem. It was essentially a “why charters are great” speech.  I wish his people would read this post by you. If charters are so successful with these policies, why not grant traditional public schools the same privileges? Oh, it’s not about these policies. It is about busting the union and getting rid of the older ($$$) teachers.

I reviewed Romney’s education plan in the New York Review of Books. It’s a blueprint for privatizing education at every level. Romney buys the phony narrative that our schools are failing and don’t need any new money. He says we spend enough already. But he plans to ask for new money for charters, vouchers, and online schools. In his views, they don’t have enough money.

Research is clear that there is very little difference in the comparative performance of charters and public schools when they educate the same kinds of children. However, charters get better results when they spend more money and keep out those troublesome kids who don’t read English, who have special needs, and who are behavior problems. Vouchers make no difference, although Romney doesn’t know that. And online charters get abysmal results.

So, if it is results you are after, Romney’s plans will be a disaster.