The New York Daily News has an editorial this morning complaining about an arbitrator’s decision to stop Mayor Michael Bloomberg from closing 24 schools.

As usual, the editorial lambastes the teachers’ union, which is supposedly the font of all evil in education. The editorial writer forgets that the city Department of Education agreed to enter into binding arbitration. Having lost the decision, the city and the newspaper forget the plain meaning of the word “binding.”

The crucial issue: No question is raised about why so many schools continue to “fail” after a full decade of “reform” in New York City.

How many years must it take before the failure stops? Twenty? Thirty? Forty?

The Daily News editorial writers will never hold the mayor accountable for improving the schools, over which he has had total control for ten years. He has a puppet board, which routinely approves whatever the mayor wants. Never in ten years has the board said no to any decision of his. He negotiates with no one.

They will never call him out for the charade of closing schools and opening new schools that exclude the students with the lowest scores. Those children will be shunted to other schools that will eventually be closed. And the new schools will also be in line to be closed too.

This is not reform. It is a shell game. Guess who is under the shell? Children with disabilities. Children who can’t read or speak English. Children who are homeless. Children who are failing.

Should I mention that Mort Zuckerman, the owner of the Daily News and U.S. News & World Report, served on the Broad Foundation Center for the Management of School Systems? I will mention that the Daily News has some of the best, most independent reporters and columnists of any newspaper in the city.

For some reason, the newspaper editorialists like to talk accountability but never mention that accountability starts at the top.