In response to my post on meaningless meetings, where people break into small groups, speak up, but no one ever hears what they said or recommended, I received two similar comments.

Both said that the ultimate method of listening without hearing is the Delphi Technique. As one commenter put it:

This group manipulation is often  called “the Delphi Technique.”  Look for buzzwords like “vision,” anything with the number “2020” in the title, “stakeholders,” “consensus,” and when education is involved, a mantra such as “it’s for the children.”

My hunch is that there are many other techniques used to pretend to hear and to give “stakeholders” a chance to vent, and to provide the facade of democracy while ignoring its meaning.

The management consultant groups now designing plans to re-engineer school systems know all about these techniques. They are very smart. They went to the best universities. They make a lot of money. Why should they care what teachers think?