Former State Senator Gloria Romero of California accused me of being sexist and possibly anti-Latina as well. (Please read the comments that follow the article.)

Romero is now an employee of the Wall Street hedge fund managers’ organization Democrats for Education Reform, which advocates for charters and eliminating tenure and seniority.

Romero is hurt that I did not give her credit for having invented the Parent Trigger idea (which I call the Parent Tricker law). She says I mistakenly gave credit to the far-right group ALEC, which has developed model legislation for Parent Trigger legislation.

Actually, I don’t care who came up with this obnoxious idea that 51% of the parents in a school can “seize control” of their public school and hand it over to a private corporation.

It is a ludicrous idea, and anyone associated with it should hang their head in shame. A public school belongs to the public, not to 51% of those who use it today. It is a public trust, paid for by taxpayers, owned by the public, created for future generations, not for those who happen to be there this week or month or year.

Did it start with ALEC or with Parent Revolution, the organization funded by Gates, Walton and Broad to organize parents to demand that private corporations take over their public schools? Even the Los Angeles Times called Parent Revolution “the force behind the law” and said the law was disappointing.

But again, I don’t think it matters who should get “credit” for a bad law, other than to try to understand their motivation.

If it started with Gloria Romero, shame on her. The “trigger” is a blatant effort to privatize more public schools. It is not in the interest of parents or children or communities, but in the interest of charter corporations.

Does she also support the idea that anyone who musters a 51% petition can privatize public parks, public housing, public transit, public libraries, and other public services? Does she also support the idea that 51% of charter school parents should have the right to convert their school back to the public sector?

Florida parents rejected the “parent trigger” this past spring. They lobbied their legislators and prevented it from passing. They knew that it was a transparent attempt by the charter corporations to take control of more public schools. They would have none of it.

Parents Across America has seen through the deception of the “parent trigger” and rejected it. Interesting that in more than two years since it was passed, not a single public school in California has used the “trigger” to convert to a charter.