A reader with an engineering degree read my blog about Bill Gates’ ideas for reforming American higher education, and he offered his advice to Gates:

I’m sure that everyone who has felt the sting of the Gates approach to k12 education will really love his cavalier, innovate, make mistakes and learn approach. How nice for him to treat not just one school or state but the whole nation as his guinea pigs.
What was chilling was his terrier like tenaciousness that his focus on education will be there 15-20 years from now until his job is done.
Someone out there please give this man a real job to do. His so called philanthropy is killing education, is warping parts of the planet ecologically and is suffocating any real innovation.
If Bill Gates had had more eye opening classes, maybe one in the classics or philosophy or literature or art, he might have more ‘reverence’ for the opening up of the mind. I had to fight tooth and nail to take liberal arts electives as an engineering undergrad and I to this day my favorite class was a medieval literature class taught at UC Berkeley. Didn’t pursue that, had no job skills attached to it but it completely changed the value I placed on things I knew nothing about it. Learning as a means to open the mind.
The B school model is really decimating that.
I would really love it if Bill Gates took on college sports teams and THEIR graduation rates- I would pay money to watch those arguments flying.