One of the readers of this blog is worried that teachers and their unions are teaching Marxism in their classrooms.

I often quote readers, because there are so many who have important things to say and stories to tell. But in this case, I am going to quote myself, a very odd thing to do on one’s blog.

The reader posted a video of two teachers in Los Angeles who were promoting Marxist views. One wore a t-shirt that said “Tax the  rich.”

I replied as follows:

You know, there are teachers who are Marxists but I have never actually met one (no, I did meet one once).
I have met many thousands of teachers and they are no different from you and me.
They love kids, they love to teach, they love their country.
They are the salt of the earth.
Our society couldn’t grow and prosper without them.
I am amazed at how they are able to handle a classroom of 25 five-year-olds or 35 teenagers.
I have heard teenagers say the vilest things to their teachers, and they take it and keep teaching.
I think you are too smart to fall for this wacko claim that our teachers are teaching Marxism.
That is unfair, untrue, and damages the good names of millions of dedicated, hard working teachers who are doing God’s work.

P.S. I believe in taxing the rich, and I am not a Marxist! The degree of income inequality in this country is more extreme than at anytime since the 1920s. This is not good for America. Squalor is not good for America. Crushing the middle class is not good for America. People who are billionaires and multi-millionaires should pay a larger share of their income than people who are middle-class. That’s what i think, and I am not a Marxist.