Wisconsin has a recall election on June 5. On that date, the voters of the state will decide whether they want Scott Walker to finish out his term or to leave Madison. There are also four Republican state senators on the same ballot.

This article in the New York Times magazine explains the issues and sets them into context. It shows that Scott Walker is an ideologue of the worst stripe. He has rammed through an extremist agenda. He is uncompromising. He wants to get rid of collective bargaining and privatize public education. In his rush to open the state for business, he wants to roll back environmental regulation. And that’s not all. Read the article and see just how far these guys will go to take American society back a century and to abandon any public responsibility for anything.

Scott Walker has the financing of the most reactionary elements in American politics. His policies seek to make corporate greed respectable.

As the article shows, the Wisconsin Idea once meant that legislation should help as many people as possible. The Scott Walker idea is that legislation should help corporations get richer.

For the first time in my life, I wish I were a resident of Wisconsin so I could cast my ballot on June 5 for anyone but Walker.