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Angie Sullivan teaches in a Title 1 elementary school in Carson County, Nevada. She teaches the children who were left behind.

She sent this post to every legislator in Nevada:

A small group of vocal teachers, parents, and activists have been publicly concerned about national public school privatization for two decades.  
Diane Ravitch is the leader of that pack.  
Her new book is coming out soon.  
Her last books included characters who are national culprits in destroying American Public Schools.  Some have come from my state of Nevada.  
Reform was meant to change a system of education that needed to change.  Still needs change. Admittedly we need to improve.  No one argues against that.  Teachers have always been willing to improve.  
This reform was not ever meant to improve.  
Change came.   The wrong kind.  
Big bad horrific and public school destroying change came.   
It was bad change bought by corporations who do not love children, will not love children, and seek money even if harm comes to children. 
Wrecking ball.  
National level well funded and crushing. 
Reformers will not use the data – they supposedly worshipped – to admit – they were wrong. 
Devastatingly wrong. 
Wrong in ways that were really destructive over two generations.   Destroying the central fabric of America – attacking our local public schools.  Kids were warehoused in experiments.  Kids without teachers.   Kids hooked up to innovations that made money but did not educated.  
Billions spent on reforms:  disruption, return on investment, testing, take over, turnaround, triggering, attacking teachers, standardization, score chasing has barely moved American Students on the NAEP Assessments.  
The data is back. 
Business reformers failed.   Return on investment was zero.  
Reform has been successful at systematically privatizing huge amounts of education cash.  It has segregated.  It has devastated.  It has destroyed public school communities.  And disenfranchised students are further behind than ever before. 
The teachers were crushed and millions left. 
This expensive business-type reform did not improve education.  
Unfortunately, the folks driving reform were not teachers – nor were they interested in authentic education.   Billionaires who were successful in business took over.  They bought the top levels of government and spread cash from the top down.  Both parties.   Anyone with power.   And policy makers and leadership sold out hard. Money taken from public schools to be spent on scams and fads. 
Billions wasted.   
Money and people who chase dollars should never be in charge of education policy.  Neoliberals and corporations who hide from liability will never create the synergy, caring, and community building that teachers can do in a school building. 
Now the billionaires know – public school teachers will fight.  Activists will engage.  Those who love children will activate. 
Take that Goliath.
A band of loud people who care – will fight with any small stone we can find. 
We are not scared – because we are right.  
Time for policy makers and leadership to buy a book.  
O God hear the words of my mouth – hold us in Your Hand because we are small against those seeking to harm kids.  
The Teacher,
Angie Sullivan. 


Angie Sullivan is a teacher in a Title 1 elementary school in Las Vegas. She regularly writes the members of the Nevada legislature to share her outrage about the underfunding of the state’s neediest schools and the state’s waste of money on charter schools, which dominate the state’s list of the lowest performing schools.

Here is her latest:


Peter Greene in Forbes
Still Asleep At The Wheel 
What happened?  
Pile of fraud and graft.  
These charter titles got money and did what?   
This charter changed its name many many times.   It is difficult to follow its trail – 100, One Hundred, Imagine at different locations.   Is this graft? fraud?  Imagine still has a failing charter campus opened? What happened to the two additional campuses?  $300,000 disappeared with change in names and admin?   This is what lack of accountability and transparency does. 
What happened to the Montessori in Carson?   I believe it is still there – complaining about cash.  These charters worry me because they never have a testing year so zero data and zero accountability. This is what lack of accountability and transparency does.   They received funding but complain about no money and blame Vegas.  They may try to get the Silver State/Argent Building.   They do not serve the poor. 
Silver State Charter School changed its name to Argent and lost almost all its students.  Sounds like the receiver had concerns because no one attended the “distance” low performer school.  No one ever graduated.   As in zero.   Perhaps Joshua Kern knows where the $440,000 went?   No one graduated.  This is the first charter I have seen “closed” by the charter authority.  I do not think it had any students left and that is what actually closed it. 
School of the deaf went bankrupt.  Im surprised it did not go into receivership and just get more money like Quest, Silver State and others.  The Nevada Tax Payer pays millions to keep financially floundering  charters open. 
E-TECHS had a facebook and a twitter for $300,000.  This was in 2011 and they never opened?   What happened to the money? 
Gardnerville’s Sierra Crest closed in 2010.  Sounds like the local school board was not putting up with low quality.  What happened to the $172,000? 
Did Washoe Team A even exist at all?  Where did the $220,000 go?  
Nevada folks need to demand to see this money.   
If Nevada Senator Scott Hammond is hiding behind a non-profit management system – we need to know that too.    Managing 5 charters for free?  What kind of accountability and transparency is this?  
There needed to be a charter moratorium for good reason.   Rest in Power Tyrone Thompson who knew that.  Playing games like this with money when Nevada has none is crazy. 
We see you Gulenist Soner Tarim 👀 Agenda 4a.   How much money are you bringing to Nevada Strong?  Expert at getting grants and not opening?   Everyone should protest every Nevada Charter Meeting to close that Gulen Charter down.  Nevada does not need anymore scamming known bad actors. 
None of these December 2019 charter applicants should be granted anything.  These scams are too much. 
Asleep at the wheel and gone off the road and crashed into a ditch.  
This is bad. 
Angie Sullivan. 

Angie Sullivan regularly writes blast emails to every member of the state legislature and to the state’s journalists. Here is her latest:

CCEA members voted at a General Meeting yesterday to raise dues.  
Those teacher union dues will be used to campaign for a billion dollars.  
Yes, billion. 
Yes, dollars.  
We need to think big to win big.  
Teachers need those funds to fund class-size reduction.   We need additional teachers.   We need additional classrooms. 
Nevada teachers have the largest class-sizes in the nation.  
It is not reasonable to keep piling more and more students into small spaces.  
Our eye is on the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session.  We will get a billion dollars for kids.   
We demand political will to take care of kids.  
Here we come. 
#Fight4Kids #Billion4Kids
#NVed #NVTeach #Nevada #Vegas
The Teacher MotherJonesing,

Angie Sullivan teaches in an underfunded Title 1 school in Las Vegas where many students are impoverished and don’t speak English. She frequently writes blast emails to Nevada legislators and journalists.

Margaret Raymond once joked that Nevada has the worst charter sector in the nation. From Valerie Strauss’s Answer Sheet blog in 2015:

“Be very glad that you have Nevada, so you are not the worst,” charter researcher Margaret “Macke” Raymond said of Ohio. Raymond, from the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, conducts research on charter schools and issued a report late last year that said  Ohio  charter school students learn 36 days less math and 14 days less reading than traditional public school students — conclusions she drew from crunching data obtained from student standardized test scores.

Nevada charter schools continues to be a failed sector, but the money keeps flowing. Even Andre Agassi’s much-celebrated charter school, the Andre Agassi Academy, ended up on the list of the state’s lowest performing schools and was turned over to New York City-based “Democracy Prep.” The Agassi charter had plenty of money but run through multiple principals and staff, and the school was noted for disorder, not for accomplishment.

Angie Sullivan writes:

This is the Nevada Charter Authority. 

Charter Authority folks openly discussing giving money to “priority providers”?

Millions to friends?  Acquaintances? Friends of friends?  
Priority is someone with great “scores”?  And the testing protocol is what exactly?  What is in place to prevent cheating?  
How exactly does one become a priority provider? 
You have to “know someone” and have “scores”? 
Several of the applicants cannot fill out the application completely & on time.  
If they miss deadlines, the rules are bent because they are “special” in some other way?  
There was a discussion with a warning from the attorney to not accept folks and give them millions if they cannot fill out the form.
Seems “priority folks” do not have the ability to follow directions, wait their turn, or behave.   
If you google the “priority person” and they are followed by lawsuits and scandals are they still priority?  
Let me be clear.  
There are NO clean hands in Nevada Charters.  Not a single Nevada charter has three years of academic data by campus.  Not a single charter has clear money trails that can be followed.  The Nevada Tax Payer cannot see what charter campuses are doing.  
Zero academic or financial accountability.   
A referral from anyone running or involved in a current Nevada charter – is a bad referral.  
$350 million plus is actually passed around by a handful of folks – including legislators or former legislators or prospective legislators.  
For-profit Academica must expand to cash in.  Is that body a “priority”?  
How nice of the Charter Authority to record themselves discussing how they will be passing out millions to their friends and bending rules to do it?  
This is disgusting. 

Gary Rubinstein has followed the failure of the “portfolio model” more closely than anyone in the country. He watched the Tennessee “Achievement School District” as its leaders made bold promises,     then departed for lucrative reformy gigs as the ASD collapsed in failure.

In this post, he describes the failure of Nevada’s copycat ASD. ,which was modeled on Tennessee’s ASD, which was modeled on New Orleans’ low-achieving Recovery School District.

He notes that Michigan’s “Education Achievement Authority” failed and was shuttered.

All of which raises the question, why are Corporate Reformers incapable of learning from experience?

The definition of insanity: funding an experimental education program, discovering that it failed, then funding it some more and expecting different results.

Another definition of insanity: funding a voucher program that depresses student achievement, then demanding more voucher funds so more students can fall behind.

Why fund failure?

Despite Poor Academic Results Groups Sue to Grow Private School Voucher Program

A few weeks ago a pro-school privatization organization, Institute for Justice, announced a lawsuit against the State of Nevada over the impact of AB 458 to private school vouchers recipients, scholarship granting organizations and businesses receiving tax incentives.

Though pro-voucher advocates are framing the suit as “saving vouchers,” in reality, the voucher program did not lose funding. The controversy over some students losing their scholarships is actually the result of a single scholarship granting organization interpreting a law passed this legislative session (AB 458) differently than all other scholarship organizations. Certain families who went through this organization for their voucher funds were the only ones whose funds were not renewed, leaving those students in limbo as the law’s purpose is clarified by the State.

To be clear, AB 458 did NOT cancel funding for the voucher program but only ended the requirement that funding for the controversial program grow by 10% each year. Given that growth in public education funding often struggles just  to keep up with inflation (approximately 2%), automatically growing a voucher program with scant accountability and poor results just doesn’t make sense.

Businesses are also suing on the claim that they would not be able to increase their contributions to vouchers because there is no increase in tax incentives. However ,they could choose to continue supporting private school tuition through donations without having to receive any incentive if it’s a cause that they deem so critical.

Ultimately, the courts will decide if the legal argument holds water, but the policy and evidence behind limiting the program’s growth is sound.

Voucher programs don’t work – both in Nevada and nationwide. The latest results from the Nevada Department of Education showed that more voucher recipient scores decreased than increased year-to-year, mirroring similar trends across the nation. For example, Louisiana has seen consistent abysmal results – with voucher recipients performing worse and numerous private schools fraught with poor school ratings, fraud, and cheating scandals.

Lack of accountability in voucher programs has continued to raise red flags. Nevada private schools have no requirement that their teachers be licensed. An analysis by ENN found that of the schools that made the information available, less than 50 percent of teachers were ever credentialed in the state of Nevada, while some schools had no staff with Nevada licenses.

A look at the number of teachers who are licensed at private schools that have Opportunity Scholarship students enrolled. **This chart only includes data from schools who make staff information publicly available. Numbers exclude theology teachers and support staff.**

And the overwhelming lack of accountability – uniform testing, treatment of students with unique needs (private schools are less likely to accept students with an IEP), anti-discrimination, and other issues closely monitored in our public schools – means poor outcomes and underqualified staff may only be the tip of the iceberg.  North Carolina, for example, is grappling with testing issues, discrimination against LGBTQ students, and questionable academic content (with one popular textbook claiming the KKK was fighting to protect morality and slaves were treated well by their slave owners). One can argue that teacher quality, curriculum, or treatment of students is the prerogative of these schools because they are private, but if private schools are now operating using public taxpayer dollars, we must demand more.

Ultimately efforts would be better spent advocating for increased dollars for our public schools to ensure all our students have access to a quality education regardless of religion, sexual preference, gender, race or income.

To learn more about national efforts to fight private school vouchers, check out the new Public Funds Public Schools campaign supported by Education Law Center, Southern Poverty Law Center and the SPLC Action Fund.

About Educate Nevada Now
The Rogers Foundation, a Nevada leader in support of public education, joined with local, state and national partners to launch Educate Nevada Now (ENN) in 2015. The organization is committed to school finance reform and improved educational opportunities and outcomes for all Nevada public school children, especially English language learners, gifted and talented students, students with disabilities or other special needs, and low-income students.

More information about ENN can be found at

The Clark County Education Association (Las Vegas) announced that teachers will strike on September 10 if they can’t reach a settlement with the district before then.


Angie Sullivan teaches in a Title 1 elementary school in Las Vegas. It is underfunded. The state is willing to fund failing charter schools but not pay for the public schools that most children attend. Angie wants to know why.

She recently learned that Soner Tarim wants to open a charter in Nevada. This is the same man who wants to open a charter in rural Washington County in Alabama and set off a firestorm of controversy. This is the same man whose proposal for a new charter chain was just rejected by the Texas State Board of Educatuon.

Angie writes:

Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
Why is Soner Tarim pictured at Switch with these local Nevada folks?   
Soner Tarim is a constantly under investigation all over the United States.  As soon as he gets caught – he goes to the next place. 
Someone in the NVDOE needs to be accountable for this and fired.   
Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
Folks in other states are contacting me to warn Nevada.   This huge charter scammer keeps reinventing himself and opening charter shells in various states to try to attract investors.  
Why is he opening new charters in Nevada?   Who gave permission for this?   He been kicked out of so many other states?  Does anyone in charge have google?  
Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
80% of Gulen Schools have been closed across the world for good reason.  
Alabama just kicked Soner Tarim out for fraud, hiring and other sketchy practices.  


The New York Times wrote an article about the misuse of federal money. 
Memphis denied their application – School of Excellence. 
List of Gulen Charters- Soner Charters are listed as low performing and closing or denied. 
Are they funding a terror group using Texas education money?  


This is bad. 
We have no education money and this is what we do with the money we have?  Fund a scammer?  
He uses local folks to scam the Nevada Tax Payer?  
Google:  Soner Tarim lawsuit
We do not have money to waste like this.  I’m not convinced the Gulens we have are honest or doing an education service.   Please. Make.  It.  Stop. 
I am
The teacher,



Peter Greene found an insightful article at The 74 about the serial failures of the Democracy Prep Charter Chain.

Betsy DeVos gave the chain $21.8 million to expand but it is having trouble growing beyond its New York City home base.

It was invited to take over the massive disaster that was Andre Agassi’s charter school (which had principal churn, teacher churn, abysmal academics, etc.), and Democracy Prep is struggling to hold on to teachers and students. (Andre Agassi, of course, has abandoned the role of charter founder to become a builder of charter schools in partnership with a venture capitalist. More money, fewer headaches.)

Democracy Prep was asked to take over a failing charter in D.C., where it too failed.

Greene notes:

“The DC school was in trouble from the start. The Executive Director was Sean Reidy who graduated from Loyola with a BS in business administration, did two years with TFA, taught another two years at Harlem DP, went on to get his MBA from Georgetown, and then took over the DC school. (DP, like many charters, likes its TFA recruits, but Mahnken doesn’t really address that, though I’d argue that the culture of edu-amateurs is part of the root of DP’s problems.)”

Greene concludes:

Educational amateurism combined with Big Apple hubris leads to people who don’t think they have to learn anything about the culture where they want to set up shop. This is not unique to DP, or even charters, or even education– it’s just extra-ironic because DP is supposed to be all about being informed effective citizens. Of course, public schools that are owned and operated by the people in the community (and not run from an office thousands of miles away), aren’t so prone to this problem.

No excuses schools are a lousy idea. I know there are students here and there who thrive in them, but they’re still a lousy idea. No wealthy white parents would put their kids in a No Excuses school.

One size does not fit all. Charter folks insist that charters are the solution to OSFA [Editor’s Note: “One Size Fits All”], but their insistence on having everything under one roof be a tightly united philosophical whole has the opposite effect. Public schools have room for many cultures and many philosophies under one roof, which means that students can find a corner of the school that “fits” without having to start over at a whole new school. There’s no reason that charters can’t operate the same way.

Solve problems; don’t walk away from them. This article just gives a peek at the world where charter after charter after charter is taken over, turned around, handed off to some other business. DP moves in, tries their one thing, waits, makes some tiny tweaks, and if it fails, they walk away. Public schools may not always live up to the promise of their commitment, but they don’t just walk out the door saying, “Good luck, kid. Hope somebody happens by to help you out.”

Education concerns and business concerns don’t fit together. Again– business concerns are not evil or wrong, but they don’t match the considerations of education. Good business decisions are not good education decisions.

One of the selling points of charters has always been that they will figure out great new things that the rest of the education world can then pick up and run with. But most of what Democracy Prep needed to know they could have learned from a public school teacher.



Angie Sullivan is a firebrand on behalf of children in Nevada. She is a first grade teachers in Las Vegas (Clark County), which most people think of in terms of glitz and glamour. But the children she teaches are poor and many barely speak any English. Her school is underfunded. Angie writes frequent email blasts to every legislator and she does not mince words. On April 27, thousands of teachers, parents, and supporters of schools will rally in the streets for more funding for Clark County Schools.

She writes:


Teachers and every person who cares about kids will be in the streets on April 27th.  ❤
And we will let the nation know we are here and have had enough.  ❤
You “Education Experts” who do not believe we have a money problem – stay home. You created this problem   You are the problem  🦠
You are slime.  🦠
Listen up millionaires and billionaires and politicians they have bought.  🦠
Nevada Democrats Susie Lee and Elaine Wynn specifically.    🦠
You are slimy reformers bought to union bust. 🦠
Agassi Hedgefund, Academica, Educate Now, HOPE, Guinn Center, Community in Schools, Nevada Succeeds, TFA, Charter Groups, United Way, Public Education Foundation, TeachPlus, 36 paid lobbyists, choice trash disguise as parent groups, and any other business oriented privatizers I have missed.  🦠
Plus Senators Joyce Woodhouse and Mo Denis.  🦠
All of you have participated in teacher hate and union busting. 🦠
You are terrible and most took money to hurt kids 🦠
What you have done to disenfranchised Vegas kids is horrible.  🦠
What you do with “education reform” is tragic.  🦠
You have purposefully hurt the most vulnerable Vegas students with your sick experiments. 🦠
No one should listen you or anyone like you ever again.  🦠
You have zero real data; just sick experimental invalid research.  🦠
You are a hate driven think tank business promoting machine. 🦠
You are hateful and cruel and inept.  🦠
You have segregated by race, money, and religion.    It is enough.  🦠
The most important person in education is the classroom teacher, folks at the school level, someone working with kids.  ❤
Education is about the teacher. ❤
Every student needs a teacher. ❤
The teacher is there every day.   It is folks in schools who make the magic happen.  ❤
Students do not need a sage on the stage policy maker in snowy Carson City passing out cash to friends.  Spending all the kid money to further their careers. 🦠
We are not your cash cow.  🦠
Yes I’m looking you Aaron Ford and Maggie Carleton. 🦠
The teachers will fix the Nevada schools.   It will NEVER be “reformers” brought in to disrupt.  ❤
It is not you because you do not work or care. 🦠
It will never be you – because you are cheap and cannot find money. 🦠
You hurt us on purpose.  🦠
This is a money problem.   🦠 Vegas Students not had an increase since 2008.  🦠
And teachers and the community will stand up to you now.   ❤
You are the problem.   You are the problem.  🦠
And money buying or taking or giving influence and power is the problem too.  🦠
Everyone is on the take.  🦠
Plenty of money to buy public relations spin but you are not the focal point this time.  🦠
Folks who love kids will demand more.  And we demand it NOW.  ❤

#Solidarity Oakland

#Solidarity Los Angeles

#Solidarity Arizona

#Solidarity West Virginia x 2

#Solidarity Oklahoma

#Solidarity Denver

#Solidarity Illinois

#Solidarity Kentucky

Next up.  #Vegas @JoyceWoodhouse @MoDenisNV @GovSisolak @SuptJaraCCSD #NVleg #Nved #Nvteach

Plenty of cash to print promises which you never keep on campaign flyers.  🦠
Go get your tax break someplace else business folks🦠
And take all your dark “reform money” with you. 🦠
There is not one thing noble about eduphilantrophy which harms at-risk kids 🦠
And shame shame shame on your corruption and horrible policies.  🦠
You have ruined Nevada Education. 🦠
And it stops now.  🦠
Our public schools are underfunded because of you. 🦠
Everyone should be in the streets because you are garbage. 🦠
We have had enough.    You are slime.  🦠
Tell everyone you know . . . these groups are slime and hurt kids.  🦠
Just part of a teacher hating reform machine that hurts the poorest and least among us.  Damaging young people for life so they can declare a corporate profit on a spreadsheet someplace.   🦠
You are sick. 🦠
Nevada Democrats will break every promise they made.  They hate teachers.   They hate kids. That is their record and that is the work of their hands – sand.   🦠
What have they set in motion to fix the gargantuan financial issues we have?   Nothing. 🙄
They give us a penny if we beg for ten years?   🦠
No stage for privatizers, dark money non-profits, and teacher haters.  🦠
Do.   Not.   Ask.   🦠
Tell me to cut from kids one more time.   See what happens.  🦠
No one should put up with any of you ever again.  🦠
Every parent in the valley should demand their child have a fully licensed and prepared teacher, a textbook, a class size of 25 and a safe campus.  🦠
You sickos need to all be removed.  🦠
I am.  Furious.  🦠
#FundOurSchoolsNow ❤