Several red states have passed laws requiring people to use the public restroom that is aligned with the gender that appears on their birth certificate. Florida and Texas are the most recent states to pass such laws.

The intent, clearly, is to prevent trans people from using the bathroom that corresponds to their gender, which is not the one they were born with.

So, imagine this: a guy with stubble on his face and muscular biceps will use the women’s restroom, because he was born a she. And a beautiful woman wearing a dress, lipstick, and high heels will go to the men’s room, because she was born a he.

How will this law be enforced?

Clearly, every state with such a law must do two things:

1. Everyone must wear a replica of their birth certificate on a chain around their neck.

2. Every public restroom must have a genital guard to check birth certificates at the door. No birth certificate, no entry.

But with one exception:

In the event that a person wants to use a public restroom but forgot their birth certificate, the genital guard would take the person into a private cubicle and do a visual inspection, a genital check.

Of course, each state would have to hire thousands of genital guards for schools, cinemas, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, etc. It would be expensive but it would likely create full employment.