South Carolina may soon have one of the cruelest bans on abortion in the nation. The affluent women who want an abortion will fly or drive to another state to get an abortion. Those who can’t afford to flee to another state, one that does not criminalize reproductive rights, will bear babies they can’t afford or don’t want. They will be forced to carry dead fetuses in their wombs. They will be compelled to give birth to the child of their rapist or their father or brother. Teenagers—children themselves— impregnated by a rapist will be forced to be mothers instead of getting an education.

CNN reports:

CNN) – A South Carolina Senate committee voted Tuesday afternoon to send a proposed near-total ban on abortion to the state Senate for consideration after first removing an exception for rape and incest — a move sure to set up a fight over the legislation in the full chamber.

The South Carolina Senate Medical Affairs Committee advanced House Bill 5399 in a 9-8 vote, with two Republicans joining Democrats in voting against it. The Senate is scheduled to meet Wednesday.

Several members of the state Senate, as well as the House, have said they cannot support a bill that does not include an exception for pregnancies that result from rape or incest.

The state Senate committee voted 7-3 on Tuesday morning to eliminate an exception added by the state House last week for cases of rape or incest up to 12 weeks after conception, with required reporting to law enforcement.

This is the sadistic work of Republican men—in this instance, only Republican men—who value fetuses more than the lives of women. Once those fetuses are born, these same men will not provide healthcare or any of the basics of life.

They love the unborn. They don’t give a damn about the born.