George Conway doesn’t like Donald Trump. Conway is a lawyer and a conservative. He is married to Kellyanne Conway. I think it’s fair to say that George hates Trump. I would love to be a fly on the wall at their dinner table.

George regularly mocks Trump on Twitter. He attacks him in opinion pieces in the Washington Post. He slams him on TV news shows.

He was interviewed yesterday on “Morning Joe.”

Raw Story reported:

“I think the walls are closing in on him,” Conway said. “There are so many different investigations. There’s also civil suits that are chasing him down. I think, bit by bit, we’re finally going to see the processes apply to him. He had his deposition taken yesterday by the New York attorney general. There are some civil depositions coming up, and he is being forced, essentially, to put up or shut up in these investigations. Yesterday, he, you know, took the Fifth 440 times, which is basically the most respect I think he’s ever shown for the Constitution of the United States.”

“But the Georgia case, I think, is particularly one to keep looking out for,” Conway continued. “It’s the one that sort of seems to be moving ahead the most quickly, but I think this documents investigation is one that we haven’t heard the last of. I mean, [Washington Postcolumnist] David [Ignatius] is absolutely right about the innate cautious and by-the-book nature of Merrick Garland. I think that he is handling this absolutely perfectly. I don’t think the Justice Department should be saying anything more than it already has said, which is basically nothing about this, because that’s what the rule of law requires. That is what grand jury secrecy requires.”

“The whole point of this exercise is that nobody is above the law,” he added. “The law applies equally to you and I, to the rich and the poor, to ex-presidents and just regular citizens. One of those protection people have is grand jury secrecy and the presumption of innocence. The reason why the Justice Department does not say anything about ongoing investigations, except in unusual circumstances or when indictments are there, is to protect the reputations of those that are the subject of investigation. If he really thinks that there is a witch hunt going on with these documents that were at Mar-A-Lago, he should tell us exactly what happened. Show us the search warrant. What was the government looking for? What did they take? He has a list of what they took, or should have a list, and that would tell us a great deal. But he doesn’t want to say anything because he knows it’s not going to be helpful to him, I’m sure. Just as actually answering questions from Letitia James yesterday wasn’t going to be helpful to him.”