In case you misssed it, Heather Cox Richardson describes the highlights of the July 21 hearing of the Jan 6 Commission. The House GOP continues to ridicule the hearings as partisan, but so far almost everyone who testified is a Republican. The two who testified last night were working directly for Trump.

Highlight of the hearing: Senator Josh Hawley running to escape away from the mob he encouraged with his fist in the air. Sprinting, really. The hashtag that quickly appeared on Twitter: #JoshHawleyIsABitch. And this is the guy running on a “platform” of reviving masculinity.

When the chips are down, Josh Hawley runs away.

Then there is the fact that there are no White House logs that day; the White House photographer was told not to take pictures of the most important day of Trump’s term; the Secret Service deleted text messages.

Funniest moment of the hearings: Trump recording a video on January 7, stumbling over the words. Tells them to delete the word “yesterday.” It’s too hard for him.

Most inspiring: the two Republicans on the committee, Cheney and Kinzinger, willing to sacrifice their political careers for matters of principle and respect for the Constitution.