Retired educator David Taylor, who lives in Texas, has a novel idea for improving gun safety: classify guns.

Classify guns the way the government classifies drugs, with appropriate restrictions.

He begins:

In 1970, the government passed the Federal Controlled Substance Act. “The goal of the Controlled Substances Act is to improve the manufacturing, importation and exportation, distribution, and dispensing of controlled substances.” It has now been over 50 years since this act was passed. In recent years. there has been some refining of it processes and procedures. Schedule I and Schedule drugs are the most highly regulated. Pharmacy are required to keep a database of users and prescriptions issued.

I’m not sure why this is not possible with firearms. I know the answer is money, politics and the gun lobby.

The broad categories of guns are

  1. Revolvers
  2. Handguns
  3. Rifles
  4. Shotguns
  5. Machine Guns
  6. Assault Rifles

If there were scheduled like drugs then we would have a scale of I-V with I being the most dangerous and most highly regulated.

  1. Class I – The most highly regulated.
    1. Assault Rifles
    2. Machine Guns
  2. Class II – Slightly less regulated
    1. Hand Guns (does not include revolvers)
  3. Class III –
    1. Rifles
  4. Class IV-
    1. Shotguns
  5. Class V-
    1. Revolvers
    2. Antiques

Read on to see how this classification could be used to establish meaningful gun control.