Earlier, I posted Gloria Steinem’s advice about gun safety. Treat access to guns like access to abortion. Require a 48-hour waiting period and authorization from a doctor (attesting to your mental health). Permit only one gun store in every state, so prospective gun buyers must travel long distances to buy one. Require them to walk a gauntlet of anti-gun protestors when they enter the store.

Dr. Janet Robinson responded to the post. She has unusual credentials on the subject of school shootings.

She wrote:

I agree with Gloria Steinem’s comments. As the Superintendent of Schools in Newtown when the Sandy Hook massacre occurred, I believed that the horror of that shooting of little children would bring about rapid change in gun laws and went to Washington DC to add my voice in advocacy, only to be abused by conspiracy folks for years after. Some legislators came up with dangerous solutions rather than consider instituting criteria for gun purchases, like arming teachers. How many more children will die or be traumatized by this violence in what should be a safe haven for them before we see our elected officials care enough about our children to pass laws that protect them. There is so much debate about protecting the unborn, why are we not protecting our born children with the same passion?