The Houston Chronicle reported that Tucker Carlson attacked Houston Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw for supporting aid to Ukraine.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Houston Congressman Dan Crenshaw on Monday night for his support of sending aid to Ukraine, calling him “eye patch McCain.”

Crenshaw, 38, is a retired Navy SEAL who nearly died in Afghanistan after a roadside bomb detonated and left him without his right eye. Carlson was comparing him to the late-U.S. Sen. John McCain who was considered a hawkish member of the Republican Party.

Carlson’s beef with Crenshaw was rooted in a $40 billion aid package Congress is considering to help Ukraine against Russia. Carlson has opposed the U.S. supporting Ukraine and has said he is rooting for Russia, which invaded the neighboring country on Feb. 24.

Carlson aired a clip of Crenshaw on a different Fox News program earlier in which the second-term congressman called it “depressing” to listen to some Republicans and conservatives opposing aid to Ukraine, referring to them as “almost pro-Russia.”

Crenshaw also pushed back at critics who have said the money should be used in the U.S. for baby formula during the supply shortage instead of going to Ukraine. In the clip, Crenshaw said those two things are completely different and that the problem with the baby formula situation isn’t about money, but a supply shortage tied to a massive recall.

Crenshaw said the baby formula shortage was caused by manufacturing and barriers to importing European product.

Carlson then absurdly accused Crenshaw of treating moms who are worried about baby food as pro-Russian.