Putin has said that he sent troops to Ukraine to “denazify” it and to “liberate” its people from its democratically elected government. Apologists for Putin’s “special operation” say that Putin had to act because he felt encircled by NATO.

Yale historian Timothy D. Snyder is an authority of fascism and totalitarianism. He appeared on Democracy Now, where he explained that Russian claims about feeling threatened by expansion of NATO were bogus. He says that the nations that joined NATO did so because they wanted to. Putin is waging war against Ukraine, he says, to destroy the Ukrainian state.

Why would he want to destroy the Ukrainian state? Because it is free and democratic and (before the invasion) prosperous.

Why are Ukrainians fiercely resisting the Russian invasion? Apparently they no longer want to be controlled by Putin, contrary to his claim that he was “liberating” them.

The Soviet satellite nations chose to join NATO of their own free will. Ukrainians are now resisting Putin’s war of their own free will.