You may recall that a Texas state legislator named Matt Krause released a list of some 850 books that he thought should be removed from school libraries. Even public libraries are under pressure to clear their shelves of the books that Krause identified. The books are about race, racism, sex education, anything related to LGBT, student legal rights, and gender.

This link includes the full list of books that Krause wants to ban.

Yesterday, Christopher Tackett (@cjtackett) tweeted that the book purge has begun in his district.

He wrote:

Today in Granbury ISD, at the High School library, they came with a hand cart and carried away multiple boxes of books tagged with “Krause’s List”.

They can do this because the board voted 7-0 on Monday to change district policy allowing books to be removed prior to a review.

He wrote that students, parents, and teachers protested to the school board but their voices were ignored. The superintendent pushed for the purge and ridiculed the opponents as “gaslighters and radicals.”

Some excellent comments from outside Texas. This one from Hugh G. Merriman:

The parallels are chilling…

And this advice, quoted from Stephen King:

I disagree with the opening line in the King quote. I am very much disturbed when books are banned from schools and school libraries. Next, they will pull them from the public library, and not many students can afford to buy the banned books. Protest, wave signs, speak up. Be loud. Make noise.