On January 4, PBS “Frontline” ran a chilling documentary about the armed groups that are behind domestic terrorism.

The program is called “American Insurrection,” and it is an eye-opener.

You no doubt have heard about or read about all the groups that are interviewed–the Proud Boys, the Bougaloo Bois, and many others–but this documentary ties them together.

They are armed, and they are dangerous.

One of these groups plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and kill her.

They want a revolution or a civil war.

It is not clear what their grievances are.

They hate the government.

They love Trump, who validated their existence when he said in Charlottesville that “there are fine people on both sides” of the violent encounter between white supremacists and their opponents.

This is a gripping program. It is worth your time to watch.