This is one of the stranger stories of the year. ESPN broadcast a high school football game, having been convinced that one of the teams–Bishop Sycamore–contained some amazing recruits. After Bishop Sycamore lost by a whopping 58-0, ESPN checked out the school and couldn’t find any hard evidence that it exists.

To the extent that the school exists, it is located (or not) in Ohio, where the Republican governor and legislature are gaga for school choice.

Peter Greene wrote about Bishop Sycamore High School here.

No one is quite sure whether the school exists. It says it is a private school in the Columbus City school district, but the district doesn’t know them.

Was there ever a Bishop named “Sycamore?” No one knows.

This is my favorite part of the story. Governor DeWine was asked to comment:

Ohio Governor DeWine issued a statement saying, Hmm, that seems fishy. Maybe have the department of education look into it “to ensure the school is providing the educational opportunities Ohio students deserve.”