William Gumbert has written a series of posts demonstrating that students who attend public schools in Texas consistently get better results than those in charter schools.

In this post, he shows that the regular public schools in Dallas outperform the privately-managed charter schools.

Using state records, he finds that Dallas County schools have higher academic ratings while serving a higher proportion of students with the greatest needs.

Among the regular public schools, 92.9% received an A or B rating from the state, while 58.7% of charters were rated A or B.

7.1% of regular public schools were rated C, compared to 31% of charters.

No public school (0.0%) received a rating of D or F, compared to 10.3% of charters.

Yet, he notes, parents are regularly bombarded with solicitations to attend a charter, where their path to success in college and life is assured.

This is a well-funded lie.