Someone recently asked me for a definition of the Yiddish word chutzpah. Here it is. Two smart entrepreneurs create a virtual charter school in Oklahoma. Their public funding enables them to become millionaires. When the state auditor requests their financial records, they refuse to turn them over. The state auditor sues them and wins. The two entrepreneurs exhibited chutzpah.

A reader in Oklahoma sent this note:

Epic Charter Schools’ founders last week not only lost their hold on the school system that made them millionaires, but they also apparently lost their fight in court to block the Oklahoma state auditor and inspector from reviewing their bank and credit card statements.

According to public records filed in Oklahoma County District Court on Friday, a judge has directed Epic Youth Services, the for-profit school management company owned by Epic co-founders David Chaney and Ben Harris, to turn over all records of purchases and bank statements related to Epic’s Learning Fund for student needs.