Mike Klonsky writes that his blood began to boil when he saw the pictures of thugs and fascists marauding in the streets of the nation’s Capitol, expressing the allegiance to their defeated leader, who happens to be the President of the United States. This is what fascism looks like. What’s worse than Trump, as Mike Klonsky notes, is the cowardice and complicity of the majority of Republicans, who cower before this would-be dictator, this man intent on destroying our democracy. Trump has lost 50 cases filed in state courts, and has lost twice in the Supreme Court. Yet he vows to continue his fight to overturn an election that he lost by overwhelming margins. He could not even persuade the federal judges he appointed to accept his claims of fraud. This man belongs either in a mental institution or in prison as an inciter of sedition.

Klonsky begins:

My blood is boiling after seeing news and videos of violent American fascists (“Proud Boys) being turned loose on mask wearers and counter-protesters in D.C. yesterday. 

This follows by days 126 Republican congressmen and 17 red-state attorneys general signing on to the Texas lawsuit aimed at disenfranchising millions of voters, especially voters of color. As expected, the Supreme Court on Friday rejected the suit — with only wingnut justices Alito and Thomas mumbling their dissent — but not before more than 60% of House Republicans had signed onto the effort. This group of election deniers reached beyond Trump’s staunchest allies and included powerful figures such as the chamber’s top two officials and the leaders of influential committees, all of whom put their official stamp on this fascist measure.