Steve Ruis reminds us that Trump refused to participate in transition planning when he was elected and is now undermining the Biden transition. Chris Christie was in charge of Trump’s transition, prepared a voluminous briefing book, and Trump’s people threw it out. They were so convinced that the government was useless and inept that they didn’t want to know what was done or what was needed. They just knew it all.

Ruis writes:

People are noticing that the Trump official who is required by law to sign a document that releases the funds set aside for making the transition to a new president’s administration is refusing to sign that document. Oh my gosh, commenters ask, will Trump sabotage the transition?

If you weren’t paying attention, he already did.

When Mr. Trump was elected, the Obama administration spent millions of dollars preparing for the transition to Mr. Trump’s administration. Briefing books were prepared. Interviews were scheduled. Briefings were put on the calendar.

Whole books have been written on what actually happened. Trump officials didn’t show up for briefings. Others dumped the transition manuals. Other appointees were so incompetent, they didn’t bother to look up what the mandate of their department was. (Yes, I am talking about you Rick Perry.)

In some cases, when nobody from Trump showed up to be briefed and to take over, chaos ensued. Political appointees were not able to just stay on until their replacement showed up. They were required, by law, to pack their things and leave. Key employees who saw the writing on the wall used the “opportunity” to find other employment.

Emily W. Murphy is the Trumper at General Services Administration who refuses to allow transition planning for the Biden administration to move forward.

Call her.