We won’t know the final results of our national election for days. The volume of mail-in ballots will slow the counting in several states. What we do know is that Trump was not repudiated, despite his lies, despite his crude behavior, despite his poor handling of the pandemic.

Reader GregB said this about the election:

Conventional wisdom has informed us that when high voter turnout occurs Democrats win. Conventional wisdom can now stick it up its ass. This country is a majority bigot, racist, xenophobe, and ignorant nation. Let’s come to term with this fact. As Kurt Tucholsky wrote in one of his final diary entries before he committed suicide, Sprechen (Speak), Schreiben (Write), Schweigen (Silence). It’s time for silence. The nation is no more. It’s a rigged game. And we lose. Even if, by some miracle, Biden gets 271 electoral votes, his administration will get nothing done, get all the blame, and is doomed because the American people are too stupid to comprehend reality. The Senate will continue to obstruct (or bend over and take it if the Idiot remains). The Supreme Court is a rubber stamp (and Louisiana and its “Democratic” governor will lead the way for its first coup). The House will be a shrill, useless entity. Gleichschaltung is here, get used to it. We will have no international allies except for Brazi, Israel, Poland, Hungary, the Philippines, North Korea, and our new masters, Russia. The so-called confederacy won the long game.