I invite you to engage in a thought experiment with me.

Trump and DeVos believe that our nation’s public schools, which have been a staple of our democracy are “failing government schools,” and they propose to hand out billions of dollars so that children can go to low-cost religious schools or Mrs. Smith’s Tutoring School or any place that wish to go.

Clearly they have an animus against public schools because they are operated by local governments.

What other government services should we put on the chopping block?

if the Police Department is not lowering the crime rate, why not replace this failing government service with vouchers for security guards.

If the Fire Department disappoints us, it must be because it is a failing government service, and everyone should get a voucher to buy their own fire protection supplies.

Surely a mercenary army would perform better than our own failing government military, which has been bogged down in Afghanistan for years.

Then there‘s our failing government highway system. Why shouldn’t everyone have their own highway?