I get many requests for donations in my email daily. Some come from the Committee to protect Medicare.

This was written by Dr. Rob Davidson, executive director of the Committee:

For the past three days, I’ve watched Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings in the Senate. As a doctor, it’s beyond bizarre to see a potential Supreme Court Justice say she’ll make decisions about health care based on Originalism — what she thinks people in the 1700s would have intended.

How different was medicine back then? 

The first vaccine wasn’t developed until 1799 (smallpox). Does Judge Barrett support Medicaid covering the routine immunization of kids against deadly diseases? Would she oppose Donald Trump providing a coronavirus vaccine to us, even though the founders would be confused? 

 1846 saw the first demonstration of anesthesia in the world. Should Medicare pay for anesthesia for hip replacements or heart bypasses, even though the constitution doesn’t mention anesthesia? 

 To Judge Barrett, would my evaluations of Medicare patients with chest pain be unconstitutional since EKG’s and X-rays weren’t used until 1895?  

This list goes on and on. Nearly every aspect of modern medicine was non-existent in the late 18th century. An “originalist” approach to the government funding of any type of health care today might deem all of them unconstitutional. 

This is personal for me. Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation is all but certain to doom the Affordable Care Act and rip health care from over 20 million Americans, including over 8,000 people in my poor, red, rural Michigan county of 48,000. Is the ACA just the first step? Is Medicare next on the chopping block?

 If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, we need to be able to push twice as hard to reach voters in these final weeks to convey just how high the stakes are for health care. Can you chip in $5, $10, or more today to help us reach voters in swing states and save Medicare in these final 19 days? Click here to chip in now.If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will process automatically:

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Thank you so much for your support,

 Dr. Rob Davidson
Executive Director of Committee to Protect Medicare