Peter Greene warns us not to let down our guard. DeVos, with the help of the loathsome Ted Cruz, wants to use the pandemic to sneak in $5 billion for vouchers.

Remember that DeVos has not had a new idea for at least thirty years and she is obsessed with taking money away from public schools and giving it to private and religious schools.

Greene writes:

Betsy DeVos has been pitching “Education Freedom” as long as she’s been in office. It’s a tax credit scholarship scheme, which is to say, a voucher program that would blow a $5 billion hole in the federal budget, but would be a real treat for rich folks who A) like private schools better than public ones and B) would rather not pay taxes to the feds.

The Education Freedom pitch has landed with a thud every time. But more recently what has been new about it is that, somehow, DeVos got Senator Ted “Least Loved Man In The Senate” Cruz to pitch it. And right this moment, Cruz is doing what he does best– being an absolute pain in everyone’s ass–and he’s doing it over DeVos’s pet project.

Yesterday, CNN reported that the Senate’s new stimulus bill (which has been a the focus of a spectacular display of GOP dysfunction for months) may be hung up over Cruz’s insistence that the DeVos Voucher Bill be included in the stimulus package.

Peter reminds us of the fact that voters have always overwhelmingly rejected vouchers.

Even in states where vouchers are freely available, tiny numbers of students use them, but the loss of revenue damages public schools that accept all students.

Watch out!

The Network for Public Education will be all over this sneak attack.