David Dayen covers the daily news, usually related to the coronavirus crisis. This post is about political corruption, or the giant swamp surrounding Trump. As usual, open the post to read the links.
Dayen writes:

Straw Postman

Let’s check in on our favorite Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy. When we last left our hero, he was implementing policy changes at the post office that were demonstrably slowing down the mail. It was just as clear that this was a political influence operation to seek long-desired privatization goals, which just happened to align with a presidential election dependent on mail-in voting amid the pandemic.

Donald Trump has shut up about the post office now that his plot was discovered, but the House is continuing to investigate. And they were fed a gem about DeJoy’s origins as a postmaster fixer. According to the Washington Post, DeJoy engaged in a straw donor operation. He would force employees to give to Republicans and then reimburse them with bonuses later. This led to his rise in standing within the party as a donor, and his appointment to USPS to degrade its functions. Straw donor schemes are a felony; the former head of the school board in Los Angeles [Ref Rodriguez] had to step down over something similar, and pleaded out to avoid jail time.

The denouement of this saga comes with Trump saying he’d support an investigation into DeJoy’s actions. Loyalty is a one-way street for Trump, so no surprise there. The speed with which DeJoy went from unassuming appointee, to architect of one of the fulcrum points of the election, to persona non grata, however, is bracing.