Several groups of Never Trumpers have created a media campaign that has gotten under Trump’s skin. He responds to them on Twitter, enlarging their audience. They don’t have loads of money, but they understand very well his egotism, narcissism, and vanity, and they hit their target time and again.

One recent ad from The Lincoln Project is a “Breaking News” headline in which the White House Press Secretary declares that “The president can read.” has posted blistering videos about Trump’s cowardice and betrayals.

Ads from Republican Voters Against Trump are testimonials from ordinary people who say why they would vote for anyone or anything rather than Trump. Even a can of tuna fish. And then there is Trump’s “Death Chart,” which he considers a victory.

This ad “Walk of Courage” was just released.

One of the most prominent members of the group is George Conway III, who is married to the president’s senior advisor Kellyanne Conway. Others were advisors to George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, and John McCain who despised what Trump was doing to the Republican Party, turning it into the party of racism and reaction and Trump-First.

They aim their videos at key swing states, hoping to peel away independents and like-minded Republicans who don’t want to support Trump’s brand of stupidity. Their videos react quickly to events, and they pull no punches. They target not only Trump but Republican Senators who protect Trump. They advertise in the D.C. market on Fox News, to be sure that Trump sees their ads.

The group has particularly targeted Washington and swing states like Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. It has also spent hundreds of thousands against Republican Senate candidates in states like Arizona, Iowa and Montana.

Read Ken Bernstein’s piece at the Daily Kos and watch the Lincoln Project’s brilliant, hard-hitting video ad about the Republican Senators running for office this November who protected Trump. Learn. Their. Names.

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