Bob Shepherd is a skilled writer, editor, teacher, assessment developer, curriculum developer, and polymath.

He has contributed frequently to this blog, and his comments are always brilliant.

Here is his latest musing on the man who sits in the White House and plays the role of president:

The Loneliness of the Teflon Trumpkin, Film Excerpt

Trump sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Camera back to reveal Rod Serling standing D.R.


His name, Mr. Little. A man with little education, little taste, little knowledge, little concern for other people. Neglected as a child, he grew into a black hole of neediness. And so he used Daddy’s money to build big, erected his name in Midas-gold letters across the landscape–his every action screaming, “I am worth something.” Everything became a zero-sum game. If someone else failed or was worse off, he was better, a “winner,” and so he cheated and harassed and ridiculed the unfortunate, the stranger, the down and out; appealed to the basest instincts of the basest among us; huffed and puffed and blew himself to gigantic proportions, at least in his own little brain. A twisted, malignant, metastasizing tumor of need and narcissism and knee-jerk nastiness, Mr. Little doesn’t know much, but the biggest thing he doesn’t know is that he just stepped over into a place where everything is bigger than he is, where everything is just beyond the grasp of his little mind and his little hands. He just stepped over into . . . The Twilight Zone.

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