G.F. Brandenburg reposts an essay by Talia Levin about how she infiltrated various far-right extremist groups by join8ngbthem under an alias and joined their website.

She describes how she created Facebook pages with false identities to insinuate herself into far-right networks.

She writes:

I use a fake Facebook account, which I’ve used dozens of times for this and similar purposes. The name is false, and the profile is built out with an array of far-right groups, “patriotic” interests, and dog-whistle posts designed to maintain plausibility. I’ve made so many accounts on so many apps over the past few years that I have to take care not to lose track of my pseudonyms. Although it kicked into high gear during research for my book on the online far right, infiltrating hate groups isn’t just a strange hobby or a journalistic endeavor; it’s antifascism.

She reminds me that we should all be “anti-fascist.” We fought a war in the early 1940s to rid the world of fascism.

Shouldn’t we all be anti-fascist?”

Why is Trump so terrified of a group called Antifa?