Tennessee’s public schools will share federal CARES funding with private schools, as Secretary of Efucation Betsy DeVos recommends.

DeVos never skips a chance to funnel federal money to non public schools. Tennessee has a Trumper Governor, and together they are harming the state’s public schools.

DeVos has slyly turned the CARES Act funding into the voucher funding that Congress has consistently rejected.

Chalkbeat reports:

The decision means students in the state’s 200-plus private schools could receive more support than they expected from Tennessee’s share, while high-poverty public school districts would get less money.

DeVos instructed districts to distribute CARES money to support students in private schools based on their total enrollments — not just on the number of low-income students they serve.

The interpretation could effectively shift tens of millions of dollars to aid private schools across Tennessee

This is the DeVos plan for income redistribution.

Stea from the poor and give to the rich.