Nancy Bailey asked moms on Mothers’ Day to reimagine public schools.

Whom do you trust? Moms or Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt?

This is what moms told her.

Bailey lists 23 ideas that she gathered from them.

Here are the first few.

She writes:

I collected their comments and added a few of my own. Feel free to add to the list.

The Arts. All schools must provide arts education. Music, painting, dance, acting, students thrive with exposure to a rich arts program.

Assessment. Drop the high-stakes standardized testing! Mothers know these tests were never about their children. Moms started the Opt-Out Movement! Have less assessment and more teacher-chosen tests to determine student progress.

Cafeterias. Parents hope for better food for their students and a better dining environment.

Career-Technical Education. Students benefit from classes in Career-Technical Education (CTE).

Communication. School officials and teachers must stay in touch. Politeness and positivity in forms and business information go a long way with parents.

Community. Schools are the hub of the community. Moms want the community to get behind their public schools.

Curriculum. Students deserve a rich variety of classes. Elementary students need social studies and science. Civics must be addressed in high school. Many mothers want to see the return of classes like Home Economics and business education. Their students need to understand personal management and life skills.