This letter was written by Rev./Dr. Anika Whitfield of Grassroots Arkansas:

The LRSD should not and must not force employees to report to work against the wisdom of the CDC, national standards and criteria during this pandemic. LRSD paraprofessionals should not have to ignore their own health concerns for themselves, their families, and their communities to prevent job or compensation loss. The work the LRSD is requiring employees to report to is not urgently life saving, nor urgently life preserving. In fact, it could be a death sentence not just for the employees who report to work, but for their families and community.

The LRSD and the state of Arkansas should and must provide safer, more responsible supportive measures of assistance for front line workers and their families to provide working hours care for their under aged, unattended children.


Rev./Dr. Anika T. Whitfield
Grassroots Arkansas, co-chair
Arkansas Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call to Moral Revival, co-chair