Gary Rubinstein teaches high school mathematics in New York City. He is also a husband and a father of two young children. As he describes in his post, he and his wife must monitor their own children’s education at home while he is responsible for teaching his classes online. He is chagrined to see a new round of attacks on teachers in the midst of the pandemic. The teacher-bashers never take a holiday, even in the midst of the pandemic, when teachers are stressed by their own circumstances.

He writes:

Every teacher in the country is struggling to find a way to make this work as best as they possibly can while also juggling their own issues in their own lives. I doubt there are many teachers dancing around in their underwear blasting Alice Cooper’s ‘School’s Out For The Summer.’

Teacher bashing has been a national past-time, especially with the rise of the ‘reformers’ in the last 15 to 20 years. With Michelle Rhee on Time Magazine and Oprah, Waiting For Superman, Bill Gates, Arne Duncan, Teach For America, and, more recently, the different think tanks and websites like The74 and Education Post, Betsy DeVos, teacher bashing and it’s sister, teacher’s union bashing, which is pretty much the same thing — it’s like saying “I love Jewish people. I just hate when they get together and go to temple.” — though the teacher bashers have softened their tone over the last two or three years, they have only done this, I think, as a political calculation.

A pandemic can bring out the best in people, so the way that teacher bashers act in a pandemic is pretty much the high bar we can ever expect from them. Based on some of what I have seen some of the most prominent teacher bashers on social media, I’m not impressed.

And then he offers numerous examples of “reformers” bashing teachers as slackers who are overpaid and underworked.