Teresa Hanafin writes Fast Forward for the Boston Globe.

She writes:

Trump has canceled his planned trip to the CDC today, and I figured it was because the researchers there didn’t want him spreading his misinformation and pseudo-facts about the coronavirus while standing in a place that’s supposed to be all about science.

Turns out somebody there fell ill. White House aides worried it could be the virus, and Trump thought wearing a face mask might smudge his spray-on. Fortunately, the employee tested negative, and Trump says he’ll go another time.

He’s heading to Nashville to tour the tornado destruction, then on to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, his umpteeth visit to one of his own resorts at an astounding cost to taxpayers.

Trump, who continues to own his properties, has built quite the profitable pipeline from taxpayers’ wallets to his bank account, which is probably why he has spent 30 percent of his presidency at a joint he owns.

His son Eric lies every time he says that the Trump Organization doesn’t charge the Secret Service to stay at the resorts while they are protecting his father: “They stay at our properties for free — meaning, like, cost for housekeeping,” he told Yahoo Finance last year. “We charge them, like, 50 bucks.”

Try anywhere from 400 bucks to 650 bucks or more per night. That’s one hell of a cleaning job.

Trump also charges the Secret Service a whopping $17,000 a month to rent a three-bedroom cottage at his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey, where he goes in the summer when Palm Beach gets too hot. He charges the service even when he’s not there. BTW, that’s about twice the going rate for a summer cottage in the area.

Trump, of course, has been desperately trying to hide all of this from the public that’s paying for his ample leisure activities. But the watchdog group Public Citizen and The Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold and colleagues have been doggedly filing Freedom of Information Act requests for three years, and the truth is getting out. Here’s more.


Now that Joe Biden has become the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination, the Post reports that “President Trump and his Republican allies are rapidly shifting their focus to former vice president Joe Biden’s son Hunter, reviving attacks that led to Trump’s impeachment, in an effort to broadly define as corrupt the potential Democratic presidential nominee.”