As most of the readers of this blog know, I don’t endorse candidates in Democratic primaries.

Here is where I stand.

I read a comment a few weeks ago on Twitter where someone wrote that he would vote for a toothbrush over Trump.

I agree. I am a member of the Toothbrush Party.

I would vote for my beautiful, loving, compassionate mutt Mitzi over Trump.

I think he is a danger to our society and to the world. Mitzi is not.

I think he is determined to destroy the federal government, department by department, agency by agency, by putting fools, sycophants, and those who share his contempt for government in charge at every level.

He is packing the courts with religious zealots.

He will completely control the Supreme Court if he is re-elected.

He is destroying the government’s ability to administer justice fairly and impartially.

He has fired dedicated career officials because they were loyal to the Constitution, not to him personally.

He has embraced dictators and autocrats while alienating our allies.

He thinks he is above the law and can do anything he wants, without regard to the Constitution.

I will vote for anyone on the Democratic ticket opposing Trump.

Do not sit home if your candidate doesn’t win the nomination.

Do not vote third party.

Vote for anyone who will save us from this stupid, arrogant, petty, ignorant man who sits in the White House.