Tom Ultican, retired teacher of advanced mathematics and physics in California, doesn’t like Amplify. 

He doesn’t like its focus on profit and he doesn’t like its pedagogy.

He traces its provenance from Joel Klein to Rupert Murdoch to Laurene Powell Jobs.

it started with high promise and claims that it would transform American education but the business went south when its first big client complained of melting chargers and cracked screens.

Murdoch lost the faith and bailed out. Jobs bought it.

As he writes, she has a low opinion of classroom teachers.

He concludes:

The reason schools are buying these terrible education technology frauds is that professional educators are no longer making curricular decisions. All large modern businesses including schools require a significant digital infrastructure. This means that there must be an information technology group headed by an expert. That expert who loves technology and has no pedagogical expertise becomes the leading voice concerning the purchase of digital equipment. That explains in part why school districts in financial difficulty are still purchasing pricey education technology software and hardware. Board members believe they have no choice and that they are implementing professional advice.

Amplify Education, Inc. is another modern snake oil salesman. The only reason they did not disappear in 2003 is that the federal government and investors like Rupert Murdoch have poured billions of dollars into this company. It is past time for the fraudulent STEM ideology, education testing scam and the sale of low quality education technology products to be stopped. Taxpayers are being fleeced, schools are being bankrupted and children are being harmed.