Terrsa Hanafin of the Boston Globe’s Fast Forward writes about Rudy Guiliani:


My word, Rudy Giuliani barely stepped foot back in the US before that foot was firmly planted in his mouth. He told The New Yorker that he was instrumental in forcing out Marie Yovanovitch, the highly respected ambassador to Ukraine, because “I needed [her] out of the way. She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody.” What investigations? His efforts to dig up dirt on Trump’s political rivals, particularly possible Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, aided by Trump administration officials like EU ambassador Gordon Sondland.

Giuliani was peeved that Yovanovitch, renowned for championing anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine, wouldn’t give visas to Giuliani’s shady buddies (a decision backed up by the State Department) so they could travel to the US to “give evidence” about Biden and the Democrats and I guess he hasn’t heard of videoconferencing. So he pulled the classic Trumpian projection move and started accusing her of corruption.

Then he told The New York Times that he briefed Trump about his efforts several times, telling Trump that Yovanovitch was an obstacle to Giuliani carrying out his “investigations” to benefit Trump politically. He also passed along “rumors” that Yovanovitch was bad-mouthing Trump (she denied this under oath and nobody has corroborated it), which Giuliani knew would drive the vainglorious Trump batty. Trump sent him to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who asked for more information, and before you know it, the Trump-Giuliani smear campaign against her began and Trump removed her from her post. Pompeo stood by silently as one of his career diplomats was trashed and fired, stunning the US diplomatic world.