This is an interesting article that appears online in The Washington Monthly.

It was written by a former law student of Jonathan Turley, who appeared as a legal expert to defend President Trump and to argue against his impeachment.

I watched the panel of constitutional scholars and was puzzled by Turley’s claim that the House needed more evidence to impeach Trump. The evidence of the Ukraine scheme–to give that nation $400 million in military aid in exchange for announcing an investigation into the Bidens–was verified repeatedly by foreign service officers in the Intelligence Committee hearings. The only question should be whether asking a foreign nation to interfere in our national election is grounds for impeachment, and the other three lawyers agreed that it was.

But more evidence is needed, more testimony, said Turley. He surely knows that Trump has instructed the members of his administration–current and former–not to testify but to ignore subpoenas from the House. How can their testimony be gathered?

It was disturbing to learn that Turley had testified in favor of impeaching President Clinton in 1998, whose lying concerned sex with an intern, not national security or the sanctity of our elections. At that time, he said he had voted for Clinton.

Now, defending Trump, he insists he voted for Clinton in 2016.

Now, he is a regular on Fox & Friends. But he says he is a liberal Democrat.

Very strange.