This is a fascinating documentary about artificial intelligence. 

Robots are replacing jobs performed by humans.

Cashiers, secretaries, clerks, truck drivers.

There is no turning back. Middle-class jobs are disappearing.

Trump promises to bring back the jobs destroyed by AI. He won’t. He can’t.

China has perfected the art of facial recognition and uses it to surveil everyone.

We live in the “age of surveillance capitalism.” Also, “surveillance authoritarianism.”

A quote: “How do I do this more efficiently? That means, how do I do it with fewer workers?”

Another: ”Automation substitutes capital for labor.”

Automation increases inequality.

Surveillance eliminates the last vestiges of privacy.

This is a must-see documentary.

Think about it.

Prepare yourself to fight for privacy and humanity.

Insist on interpersonal interactions.

Don’t let Them fool you into thinking that an interaction with a machine is “personalized.”