What a delight to watch an experienced diplomat speak with intelligence and forethought to the House Intelligence Committee.

If you missed her opening statement, you can watch it on YouTube or other sources.

After three years of watching a semi-literate, dissembling president and his supine toadies as they weave their way through the messes of their own creation, it is a pleasure to watch Marie Yovanovitch speak knowledgeably about the rule of law.

Yes, there are people in the government who are role models for our children. Think Ambassador William Taylor and State Department official George Kent.

And think about the first person to step forward and courageously offer testimony, Ambassador Yovanovitch.

Risking the wrath of the president and the Secretary of State, Yovanovitch spoke up and in her wake, others followed.

She was an eloquent spokesperson for the rule of law and for integrity.

She exemplified grace under pressure.

She is a hero for our times.

#GoMasha is trending on Twitter.

Thank you, Ambassador Yovanovitch for restoring our faith that our government and our democratic values will survive the bigotry, the toxic nationalism, the authoritarianism, and the constant lying of the Trump era.